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Windows 10 Iso files free to use for one year

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system (OS) is a major turning point for the company. For the first time, Windows OS is free to use for one year after Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users are released. Microsoft is committed to fully supporting Windows 10 throughout the entire lifecycle of devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets or phones. This is a major change from the previous strategy of providing OS support only for a limited period. This company based in Seattle, a service platform, not just for having provided with the increasing emphasis you.

Windows 10


The best world for both mobile and desktop

Taking the nickname of Windows 9, Microsoft is hoping to start a new start on Windows 8, the founder. It has all the major changes and minor fixes in Windows 10 and is designed to make your experience more complete. It doesn’t matter whether you use it on your computer, tablet or phone.

Start Menu
Start Menu is one of the features that keyboard and mouse users are missing out on Windows 8, and Microsoft re-introduces (and redesigned) it in Windows 10 to please Windows 7 / XP fans. The new Start menu is a hybrid of some sort and integrates the existing Windows menu (list-style view) with Windows 8’s live tiles. Fully customizable. You can choose to run with different sized live tiles (small, medium, large) or no live tiles at all. You also have the option to view the most used apps or list them alphabetically. If you think you can switch between tablet and desktop view on hybrid devices, there is also a menu full-screen mode.

This is not the only improvement Microsoft is pushing for the use of hybrid 2in1 devices. A new feature called Continuum means that Windows 10 adopts a specific look and feel on these devices depending on the mode you are using (keyboard and mouse or touch input).

Accor Fontana
, Microsoft has introduced the same virtual assistant Cortana and Siri for Windows / Windows Phone to Windows 10. This idea is natural with the device as well as to provide information, intelligent recommendations based on your search history and manual input preferences Is to allow interaction…

Spartan Project
Project Spartan is a new browser designed specifically for Windows 10. Spartan makes it easy to share comments with friends by annotating them directly on web pages. A distracting reading room; Simplified article layout.

App access Microsoft applications

Consistent applications on all devices continue to be Microsoft’s primary concern. The company is developing touch-friendly versions of the Office suite, as well as Microsoft applications with the same look and feel, no matter which device you use. In new windows 13 iso users can create multiple virtual desktops to group apps or programs. To add a desktop, you need to click on the Task View button on the desktop. This not only lets you see all the apps running on your virtual desktop, but also makes it easy to switch between desktops and apps. The snap assists feature pins 4 different apps to the screen so you can see them all at once. Other new features added to Windows 10 include the option to search the system as well as the Internet. PC settings are made clearer, simpler and more consistent across all devices. Audio and wireless connections are now easier (click the “Connect” button in the new work center or use the Windows + P keyboard shortcuts). You can easily choose which apps get notifications.

How to download Windows 10 ISO files

However, if you access the above site in the desktop environment of Windows 7 or higher like windows 12 64 bit, you cannot download the ISO directly, and you can download the ISO using a tool called “media creation tool”. However, you can download the ISO directly from a non-Windows OS or mobile device. Using this point, if you emulate the browser’s developer tool with another OS or mobile browser, you can download the ISO file directly. That is the server judges by looking at the User-Agent value transmitted in the Request Header.

Internet Explorer 11

Press the <F12> button to enter the developer tools, and on the Emulation tab, select the user agent string as “Apple Safari (iPad)” or “Custom” and enter any string. If you type snoopy as below, you are taken to the page where you can download the ISO immediately.

Official assistant for Windows 10 downloads

To install Windows 10 using the existing Windows version, you can obtain and use the basic software updates required for automatic installation. Or you can now install by yourself using this official tool. This tool can download ISO images and even create DVD or USB installation tools for use on other computers. When you open the program, it will ask if you want to update your current Windows system or create an installation disc. Or you can choose where you want to save the new files, which will replace the existing versions. It is important to note that the Windows 10 version is installed according to what is already installed. So you get Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, or Windows 10 Home if it’s 8 or 8.1. If you have Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or other 8 or 8.1 Pro editions, you will get Windows 10 Pro and higher windows 11. Either way, keep in mind that you will need to enter information related to the operating system of the legitimately registered version.

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