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Mesothelioma treatment based on poisonous plants

Folk remedies are used in the treatment of the disease. There are two approaches to cancer treatment that need to be combined. Taking medicines based on poisonous plants: aconite, mushrooms, potato color and quarantine. Such low-dose agents have a toxic effect on the division of cancer cells. The principle of their action is similar to traditional chemotherapy. Such treatment must be carried out strictly according to the instructions. It is important to keep the dose, as increasing the dose can cause severe poisoning and even death. When preparing the tincture, you should use a glass dish and a stainless steel knife, which is then washed in a large volume of running water.

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Keep such medicines out of the reach of children.

This therapy is aimed at strengthening the body’s own defenses that fight the tumor. Medicinal herbs and their fees are used for treatment.

Poisons based on poisonous plants:

Aconite – Cut 100 grams of the roots of this plant and pour 1 liter of 60% medical alcohol or vodka. Insist in a glass pan in a warm dark place for three weeks, then filter. Start with 1 drop of tincture dissolved in 30 ml of warm boiled water in the morning on an empty stomach for half an hour before eating. The tincture is taken daily, increasing the number of drops each day until they reach 20. The tincture is diluted in 50 ml of warm boiled water. After 20 drops, they begin to reduce the amount of tincture, each day, decreasing by 1 drop, they reach 1 drop. So the whole course is 39 days. It is not possible to interrupt the course of treatment!

Amanita – Pour 5 g sliced ​​mushrooms with 300 ml 70% alcohol. Insist for two weeks in a dark place at room temperature, then filter. Take 1 tsp. once a day after two hours. Treatment is continued until completion of the entire drug, followed by a 10-day rest and repeated course. A total of 4-6 courses are required for treatment.

The color of the potatoes – Boil 1 tbsp in 500 ml of boiling water. crushed flowers, insist 3 hours, then filter. Take 150 ml three times a day. The treatment lasts for 2 weeks, after which one week is rested and the course is repeated.

Quarantine rose – Prepare an alcoholic tincture from this plant. Crushed flowers and quarantine leaves are poured into a glass jar and poured over the top with medical alcohol. Insist for two weeks at room temperature in a dark place, then filter. Drink this infusion course. Start taking 5 drops of the medicine every other week for one week, then take 10 drops of tincture in the second week, 15 in the third and 20 in the fourth. Then take a week of rest and repeat the course. The treatment lasts 7-8 months.

Propolis – An alcoholic tincture of propolis is prepared. This substance is poured 70% alcohol in a ratio of 1:10, insist 10 days in the dark at room temperature. Take 30 drops of tincture 3 times a day. The drug is diluted in 50 ml of warm boiled water.

Tsetrariya – The leaves of this plant are crushed and poured with cold water (1 tbsp L. 200 ml water). they insist on the night and the next morning they are kept in a water bath until the volume of the liquid decreases by a third. The broth is filtered and 1/3 of the volume of pomegranate or cranberry juice is added. Take 2 tbsp. l medicines 6 times a day. The treatment lasts for 3 weeks, after which rest is taken and the course is repeated.

Berberis – Use the leaves of this plant. They are cut and boiled in a glass of boiling water. 200 ml of water take 1 tsp. leaves, simmer for 10 minutes, then cool and filter. Take 1 tbsp. l. broth 3-4 times a day.

Folk drugs – Mix the eggs of fat, honey, brandy and aloe juice in equal volume. This mixture is stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator. Take 1 tbsp. l three times a day, half an hour before meals.

Tincture of medicinal plants – Mix 1 part of a lemon root, 2 parts of cinnamon and 4 parts of Amur velvet, root astragalus, Sophora and angelica. Pour the medicine mixture into a glass jar in half and pour it on top with alcohol. Insist in the dark at room temperature for two weeks, then filter. Use 25 drops of tincture 3-4 times a day for half an hour before eating. The tincture is dissolved in 50 ml of warm boiled water.

Prognosis and prevention

Pleural mesothelioma is a malignant tumor that develops rapidly and metastasizes. The danger of the disease is that in the initial stages the tumor develops asymptomatically. Mesothelioma is usually diagnosed in the later stages when treatment is no longer effective. This type of tumor has a high death rate. The survival rate in most cases does not exceed 1-2 years and is usually only half a year. However, there are cases of successful treatment for this disease. It is very important that you do not give up and continue to fight for your life.

Complications of pleural mesothelioma:

  • Pleurisy – An Inflammatory Process In The Pleura That Leads To Respiratory Failure And Increasing Pain;
  • Accumulation Of Exudate, Which Also Leads To Increased Pain And Shortness Of Breath;
  • Disturbed Breathing And Oxygen Starvation, Which Manifests With Dizziness, General Weakness, Decreased Appetite;
  • Tumour Growth Presses Adjacent Organs, Human Ingestion Process Is Impaired, Tachycardia Occurs
  • Upper Vena Cava Syndrome Occurs Due To Impaired Venous Flow From The Organs Of The Upper Half Of The Body As The Person Dilates The Veins, The Circulation Is Disturbed And Asthmatic Attacks Occur.
  • In order to prevent this tumor, it is necessary to avoid contact with asbestos and other toxic substances.
  • Also, the prevention of any oncological process includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits, maintaining immunity and playing sports. The state of the immune system is very important in preventing the development of tumors. Check for more info

If the immunity is strong enough, the body’s defenses destroy the cancer cells as soon as they are formed and prevent the oncological process from developing.

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