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Google stadia debut games new streaming platform

Stadia, new streaming platform games google has the ambitious premise of allowing gambles on any device, including computers without dedicated card and mobile. Players will be able to purchase a growing library of multiplatform and exclusive games – without the need to wait for downloads, installations and patches. To let everyone know what you will have to play when the service hits the market in November 2019, our team has listed ten outstanding games that will be available along with stadia.

Google stadia

Assassin’s creed odyssey

The latest adventure in the main ubisoft series , assassin’s creed odyssey was a test tool when google stadia was still known as project stream. Set in ancient greece, the game continues the third-person action rpg formula that was introduced in assassin’s creed origins, completely changing the franchise’s dynamics. See the full game list here

Thanks to a partnership with the french publisher and developer, fans can look forward not only to assassin’s creed, but also to several other high-caliber titles that have already been released or are still on their way to other consoles.

Ghost recon breakpoint

Tom clancy’s ghost recon breakpoint is also a fruit of the partnership between Google and ubisoft. Based on criticism of ghost recon wildlands, breakpoint aims to deliver the best experience possible to fans, betting on tactical and realistic action against former allies – who now adopt the nickname wolves.

The survival mechanics added to the game promise to make it challenging, as injuries to the character can prevent it from moving or even shooting with precision. Each decision will be crucial to overcome the challenges.

Games will also feature with multiplayer

Doom eternal

The bethesda is committed to deliver the best shooter first – person experience possible with doom eternal , which brings together all that is best in the series: heavy music, high-powered weapons and demons being shattered.

In addition to a single-player campaign, the stadia for pc game will also feature a differentiated multiplayer called battle mode, which pits a doom slayer against two demons of different classes in frantic combat; more details about the game are expected to be released during quake on 2019, which takes place in late July.

Wolfenstein: youngblood

Focused on cooperative action, wolfenstein: youngblood takes history to modern times, nineteen years after the events of wolfenstein 2. The twins jess and soph blazkowicz, daughters of the protagonist of the last game, undergo training and set out on a rescue mission to look for your missing father.

The great novelty of the game is the addition of a cooperative mode. You can level up, explore and complete quests to unlock skills, weapons, devices and cosmetic items.

Google stadia Highly requested sequel by fans

Borderlands 3

The highly requested sequel by fans, borderlands 3 is finally on the way – and confirmed for Google stadia download on the day of its launch. The first person RPG has a new group of protagonists with different skills and millions of weapons at your disposal, from the simplest to the most unusual.

Now, the goal is to prevent the fanatical Gemini calypso from joining the bandit clans and taking possession of the supreme power of the galaxy. Players can develop their characters with skills and weapons of their choice and discover many secrets in an open world for exploration.

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